Turbocharger Oil Drain Tube

The turbocharger oil drain tube drains oil on Ford 6.0L diesel engines. 

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What Sets Us Apart: The Salt Fogging Test

The Problem: Drain tubes on certain Ford vans and trucks are prone to premature rusting.

Our Response: For 48 hours, a continual spray of distilled water and sodium chloride misted a pair of drain tubes in a 95-degree fog chamber. Why? TechSmart’s technicians wanted to see how their Turbocharger Oil Drain Tubes would fair against their OE counterparts in a salt fogging test. As you can see, the test was designed to accelerate the corrosion process:

Salt Fogging Test Photo

The OE drain tube rusted almost immediately. TechSmart’s Turbocharger Oil Drain Tube, on the other hand, withstood the harsh conditions. That’s because TechSmart’s Turbocharger Oil Drain Tubes are made with Zinc-plated, cold-rolled steel. With that superior durability, you’ll have a part that stands up against rusting.

To make your installation easier, TechSmart’s Turbocharger Oil Drain Tubes come with new O-Rings.