Steering Column Shift Tubes

The steering column shift tubes move the automatic transmission’s mechanical linkage.

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What Sets Us Apart: Thicker Stress Point

The Problem: When steering column shift tubes wear down, drivers may have trouble shifting gears, which can lead to improper gear selection and, even worse, fractures at the tube’s most vulnerable stress points. The service technicians we talk to tell us that although the problem is common the repair is complex. In some cases, it can take two hours or more to complete.

Broken Steering Column Shift Tube 1 

 Fracture usually occurs at the highest stress point.


Our Response: To help you avoid the time-consuming repair, TechSmart's engineers designed our Steering Column Shift Tubes to be 3.2 mm at the highest stress point. As you can see, that's twice as thick as the competition's unit:

SCST Tsvscomp R

In addition to being difficult to break, TechSmart’s Steering Column Shift Tubes are easy to install because they're direct-fit replacements. To make install even easier, pick up the Q18002 Steering Column Shift Tube Bushing, which is made from high-stength nylon. With applications for many popular Ford vehicles, the  parts cover more than 45 million VIO.

If you’d like to learn more about the part, check out the following video from our “Are You TechSmart?” series.


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