Due to poor design in multiple places, the competitor's power distribution center is prone to experiencing high levels of resistance, which can ultimately melt the terminal and lead to part failure. To reduce resistance, our engineers gave our Power Distribution Center upgraded features that increase conductivity, beginning with the terminals and conductors. 

Copper is 72% more conductive than brass, which is why our engineers chose it for our terminals and conductors. While the choice of metal was crucial to increasing conductivity, that's not all our engineers did. They also upgraded the cable and jacket. 

TechSmart: Copper

Competition: Brass

Our 4WG cable has a 21 sq. mm copper area, nearly twice the size of the competition's copper area. As a result, our cable can carry twice as much current, which helps reduce voltage drop across the conductors. Protecting the cable is an EPDM jacket that can withstand higher temperatures and resist more abrasions than the competition's PVC jacket. Our jacket isn't the only component that's more durable than the competition. Our fuses are, too. 


Copper Area:
21.2 sq. mm

EPDM insulation


Copper Area:
10.5 sq. mm

PVC insulation

Occasionally, you may need to remove the fuses from your power distribution center. If the fuses are poorly constructed and made with low-quality materials, they can break. To prevent that from happening to our fuses, our engineers chose higher-quality fuses that don't break as easily as the competition's fuses.

TechSmart's Fuses

Competitor's Fuses