PMD Resistors

The resistors fine-tune fuel delivery to the diesel pump-mounted driver (PMD).

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C24002 improves fuel delivery to increase injector pump performance and fuel flow

C24001 refines fuel delivery to restore proper injector pump performance

Classification: Problem Solver

The Problem: During repairs, the OE pump-mounted drivers (PMD) on GM Diesel trucks tend to fall out of their connectors.

Our Response: To help you repair the problem, TechSmart offers two PMD Resistors: the #5 Resistor, which matches the stock settings, and the upgraded #9 Resistor, which promotes high performance settings and increased fuel flow. Both resistors will fine-tune fuel delivery to your preference. With applications for GM Diesel trucks, TechSmart’s line of PMD Resistors covers more than 500,000 VIO. For a 'Complete Assembly' solution, check out our PMD Relocation Kits