Park Assist Sensors

When in reverse, park assist sensors (commonly known as backup sensors) alert drivers to approaching objects. 

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T36006 covers 8.9 million VIO

T36027 covers 2.5 million VIO

T36028 covers 1.4 million VIO

What Sets Us Apart: OE-Style Body

The Problem: Park-assist sensors have high failure rates. Compounding matters, the universal-style sensors used to replace them have a pigtail connector instead of the OE-style molded design.

Our Response: To give you a better match, TechSmart’s Park Assist Sensors were designed to replicate the OE body style, all the way down to the molding. As a result, you’ll have a part that fits and performs just like the original.

To learn more about TechSmart’s Park Assist Sensors, check out the video below from our “Are You TechSmart?” series: