HVAC Air Door Actuators

A vehicle’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system is a key component to driving comfort and proper vehicle operation. HVAC air door actuator is an umbrella term for an array of blend and mode door motors.

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J04003 Floor Mode Door Motor 

G04005 Temperature Blend Door Motor

Think TechSmart First: Exact Match

The Problem: Replacing an HVAC air door actuator can take up to 7 hours. At one point during the replacement, you need to blindly attach the harness with damaging, bending, or snapping the pins.

Our Response: TechSmart’s HVAC Air Door Actuators were designed to be exact matches to their OE counterparts. Plus, with more than 100 parts available, TechSmart's line covers more than 100 million VIO.

To learn more about TechSmart’s HVAC Air Door Actuators, check out this video from our “Are You TechSmart?” series: