Wiring Harnesses

The headlight wiring harness supplies consistent power from a vehicle’s battery to its lighting system.

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Wiring Harness

14 gauge wire for better conductivity 

Fiberglass wrapping prevents chafing 

Can be used as a pigtail if the original connector is melted 

High-temp connector prevents melting caused by high-intensity bulbs 

Complete “plug & play” design plugs between the factory harness and new bulb for ease of installation 

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What Sets Us Apart: High-Temp Connectors

The Problem: The heat generated by modern OE automotive light bulbs can melt the bulb’s wiring harnesses. The problem is so common that people are commenting about it on Facebook:

wiring harness melted

Melted connector caused by heat from OE light bulb

Our Response: To prevent melting, our Headlight Wiring Harnesses have high-temp connectors that can withstand extreme heat. The wiring harnesses also have 14 gauge wire for better conductivity and a “plug & play” feature that lets you plug the wiring harness right between the factory harness and new bulb. You can even use the wiring harness as a pigtail if the original connector is melted. TechSmart’s line of headlight wiring harnesses covers the following high-temp bulbs: H1, H3, H4, H7, H11, 9004, 9005, 9006, 9006XS, and 9007.

TechSmart Tip: While you’re upgrading the wiring harness, our TechSmart technicians recommend upgrading the bulb.

Find the Right Connector for the Job:

bulb chart

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To learn more about what causes headlight harnesses to fail, read our article from ASE-certified Master Technician Ryan Kooiman: There's More Than One Way to Melt a Headlight Harness.