Governor Pressure Sensor and Solenoid Kit

Governor pressure sensors and solenoids help keep automatic transmissions running smoothly. For that reason, the governor pressure sensor and solenoid repair kit is also known as an auto transmission governor repair kit.

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Classification: Complete Kit

The Problem: Faulty governor pressure sensors and solenoids in Dodge, Chrysler, and Jeep transmissions can lead to sluggish shifting when cruising, a slow feeling off of the line, and/or an illuminated check engine light.

Our Response: Covering more than 2.2 million VIO, TechSmart’s Governor Pressure Sensor and Solenoid Kit includes everything you need to do the job:

  • Governor pressure sensor
  • Solenoid

TechSmart Tip: If you only need to replace the sensor, TechSmart also offers the T51001 Governor Pressure Sensor separately.