Gear Repair Kits

Everything from the speedometer to the power seating relies on gears to function properly. 

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Classification: Complete Kit

The Problem: Dealers don’t sell replacement gears separately.

Our Response: To help you replace the failed part instead of the entire assembly, TechSmart offers a line of gears and gear repairs kits for various applications, including:

  • C82001 Speedometer Gear Repair Kit, which restores speedometer function on 1998-90 Ford vehicles (6.6 million VIO)
  • C82002 and C82006 Steering Column Adjustment Gear, which restores tilt and telescoping steering column function on 1994-99 Lexus vehicles (more than 100,000 VIO)
  • C82003, C82004, and C82005 Power Seat Adjustment Gear, which restores power seat adjustment on 2000-10 Nissan and Infiniti vehicles (more than 1 million VIO)