Fuel Pressure Regulator Upgrade Kit

In addition to controlling fuel pressure in the engine, the fuel pressure regulator ensures that a vehicle's fuel injectors are receiving and dispensing fuel at their proper rates. 

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Classification: Complete Kit

The Problem: A weakened stock spring can cause hard starting, stalling, poor fuel mileage, and poor acceleration. On top of that, the resulting drop in fuel pressure caused by the weakened spring can damage the injector.

Our Response: To make repair easier, TechSmart’s “Blue Spring” Fuel Pressure Regulator Upgrade Kit includes everything you need to rebuild the fuel filter housing:

  • Blue spring
  • O-Rings
  • Hardware

Once installed, TechSmart's blue spring will increase fuel pressure by 10-15 psi, eliminating potential for injector damage. With applications for select Ford trucks, the kit covers more than 726,000 VIO. 

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