Engine Variable Timing Sprocket (a.k.a. Cam Phaser)

On certain Ford 4.6L and 5.4L V8 engines, the engine variable timing sprocket (a.k.a. cam phaser) alters its position in reference to commands from the powertrain control module (PCM) for variable valve timing.

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Think TechSmart First: Direct Fit

The Problem: When the unit's movable sprocket fails, the check engine light will turn on and the vehicle may experience rough idling, poor drivability, and valve train noise.

Our Response: To make installation easier, TechSmart’s Engine Variable Timing Unit (a.k.a. Cam Phaser) was engineered to be a perfect fit for the damaged OE unit. 

TechSmart Tip: To make install even easier, pick up TechSmart’s Q21002 Cam Gear Wedge Tool. Made from high-durometer polyurethane, the custom tool locks the sprocket in place.  Also, while you’re optimizing the unit, keep in mind that TechSmart also offers the L53001 Variable Valve Timing Solenoid.

To learn more about TechSmart’s Variable Valve Timing Units, check out the video below from our “Are You TechSmart?” series: