EGR Tube Connectors

The EGR tube connector connects the EGR tube to the exhaust manifold. 

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Corrosion-resistant zinc coating


What Sets Us Apart: Zinc Coating

The Problem: Over time, EGR tube connectors can corrode and rust, making it difficult to remove the EGR tube and the connector from the exhaust manifold.

Our Response: To help prevent corrosion, TechSmart’s engineers gave our EGR Tube Connectors a corrosion-resistant zinc coating. The durable connectors have applications for many Ford light trucks and cover more than 4.4 million VIO. 

TechSmart Tip:To ensure a proper seal for the new TechSmart EGR Tube Connector, use a wire brush and rust penetrant to clean off excess rust buildup in the threads of the tube and manifold.