Distributor Assemblies

The distributor assembly sends high voltage from the ignition coil to the spark plugs.

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What Sets Us Apart: Redesigned Gears

The Problem: Simply put, TechSmart’s engineers didn’t think OE distributor assemblies for GM 4.3L, V6, and 5.0/5.7L V8 applications were up to snuff.

Our Response: With a better-than-OE part in mind, our engineers designed the TechSmart Distributor Assembly and tested it to make sure it performed and lasted. The assembly’s redesigned 5120H steel gears improved performance during high-torque applications. Its high dielectric strength cap ensured accurate energy transfer and spark timing. Other features include stainless steel screws, an SAE J1171 certification for marine applications, and coverage for more than 3 million GM vehicles. To ensuring quality, the parts are made at SMP's manunfacturing facility in Greenville, SC.