DISA Valve Repair Kits

Located in the inlet plenum chamber, BMW’s Differentiated Intake System valve, or DISA valve, controls the length of the variable intake manifold, increasing torque at low RPMs and horsepower at higher RPMs.

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F66001 / F66002 / F66003 

Comes complete with new flap, flap driver, mounting pin and clip, removal screw, and O-ring

Allows you to replace only failed flap instead of entire expensive DISA Valve assembly

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Classification: Complete Kit

The Problem: The Differentiated Intake System Actuator (DISA) valve flap or driver can become stripped over time. When that happens, the vehicle may experience a rough idle, a loss of power, or display a diagnostic trouble code. The dealer's repair is to replace the entire DISA valve assembly. 

Our Response: To save customers money, TechSmart’s DISA Valve Repair Kits include everything needed to replace only the failed flap instead of the entire DISA valve assembly. Each kit comes complete with the following:

  • New flap
  • New flap driver
  • Mounting pin and clip
  • Screw to assist with removing damaged unit
  • O-ring to prevent vacuum leaks

Repair options when only flaps fails:

Disa Comparison

TechSmart's DISA Valve Repair Kit is another example of a complete kit that gives professional technicians the tools they need to replace only the faulty component. In turn, technicians can help their customers avoid the expensive assembly repair. 

Tech Tip: When installing a DISA valve that has new components, use caution and make sure the vacuum lines and electrical connector are connected. Also, clear stored memory if any trouble codes were stored or any drivability issues are noticed.

About DISA Valves

What does DISA mean?

DISA stands for Differentiated Intake System Actuator.

What causes a DISA valve to fail?

One cause of failure is carbon buildup, which can prohibit the flap from fully closing and opening, causing the flap or shaft to break.

What are common symptoms of failure?

Rough idle, lack of power, illuminated Check Engine Light, and vehicle hesitation are all signs of a broken DISA valve flap.

For more info on DISA valves, check out our "Read & Repair" article.

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