The Evolution of Parts

TechSmart parts solve problems that professional automotive technicians face in the bay. Some even improve upon the OE. All of them prove that the Evolution of Parts is happening. Scroll down to discover the evolution for yourself.

Fuel Injection Control Module (FICM) 

To eliminate the original failure mode, we gave our all-new Fuel Injection Control Module an improved circuit layout with performance upgrades and higher-quality electronics. With less excess heat being put on critical components, it’s the smart choice for you and your customers.


Wired to be Smarter:

  • Redesigned circuit layout
  • Higher quality electronics
  • Gold-plated contacts
  • Built-in load dump protection
  • New, not remanufactured
  • No reprogramming necessary

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“Blue Spring” Fuel Pressure Regulator Upgrade Kit

Over time the original spring within the fuel pressure regulator can weaken, causing a drop in fuel pressure that can potentially damage the injectors. Our Fuel Pressure Regulator Upgrade Kit increases fuel pressure to protect fuel injectors from long-term damage. It’s one more way we evolve our parts to live longer.

Uniquely Built to Live Longer:

  • Increases fuel pressure by 10-15 psi
  • Prevents long-term injector damage
  • Maximizes injector performance
  • Increases injector life
  • Kit includes everything needed to rebuild the fuel filter housing

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Steering Column Shift Tubes

When OE steering column shift tubes break at vulnerable stress points, the result is a labor-intensive repair,so you need a replacement that will last. Our Steering Column Shift Tubes are twice as thick as the competition at the highest stress point, making them the stronger, longer-lasting choice. There’s something to be said for a thick skin.

Made Thicker for Toughness:

  • High-quality direct-fit replacement for failed original
  • Meticulously engineered for toughness
  • 3.2 mm at the highest stress point, twice as thick as the competition

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DISA Valve Repair Kit

Over time, the OE flap on a DISA Valve becomes stripped, resulting in rough idle, loss of power, and a DTC. Rather than replace the entire assembly, our DISA Valve Repair Kits let you simply replace the damaged flap. It’s the smarter, faster, and, more economical repair – naturally.

Replaces only the Damaged Part.

  • Kit comes complete with a new flap, flap hinge, hinge pin, retaining clip, O-ring, and extractor screw
  • Save time and money by replacing only the original damaged flap and not the entire assembly

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High-Temperature Headlight Harnesses

Excess heat created by today’s high intensity bulbs can take a toll on headlight harness connectors. That’s why we upgraded our “plug & play” High-Temperature Headlight Harnesses with high-temp connectors designed to withstand heat and protect against damage. So it’s not just smart. It’s a survivor.

Able to Handle Extreme Temperatures:

  • Upgraded high-temp connector
  • 14-gauge wire for better conductivity
  • Complete harness – “plug & play” right in between the factory harness and new bulb
  • Can be used as a pigtail if the original connector is melted
  • Upgrade the harness when upgrading the bulb

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Engine Coolant Air Bleeder Valve

Bleeding coolant can put stress on the housing and cause cracks and leaks. Our Engine Coolant Bleed Valve has an extra hex receiver on the base of the bleed screw, so a wrench can hold the bleed valve in place while another wrench turns the bleed screw preventing damage to the housing. It’s another smart adjustment that makes your life easier and puts TechSmart® heads above the rest.

Evolved to Make Life Easier:

  • Extra hex receiver added to the base of the bleed screw
  • Includes a new coolant temperature sensor and gaskets for a complete drop-in replacement

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Shift Interlock Levers

When OE plastic shift interlock levers break, their cars get stuck in “park.” Our Shift Interlock Lever is machined out of billet aluminum and anodized for long-lasting strength and durability. So when the going gets tough, you can count on our parts to keep going.

Made for durability.

  • Machined out of billet aluminum and anodized for long-lasting strength, durability, and smooth shifting operation
  • No need to replace the entire shifter assembly when only the original lever fails

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Trunk Hatch Handle Repair Kit

Some OE trunk hatch handles are prone to cracking near the mounting tabs and splitting down the middle. The exclusive replacement design of our Trunk Hatch Handle Repair Kit includes a metal mounting bracket with anti-corrosive coating to strengthen the handle and prevent failure. In a world of weaker parts, it’s a real powerhouse.

Possesses Superior Strength.

  • Metal mounting bracket with anti-corrosive coating strengthens the handle to reinforce the original problem area
  • Includes a new ABS plastic handle, bracket, mounting screws, and washers

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