Variable Intake Manifold Repair Kit

The variable intake manifold actuator (VIMA) controls the positions of the internal flaps and valves on the intake manifold runners to alter the amount and speed of air induction.

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Choose Z56003 for a 'Complete Assembly' solution.

What Sets Us Apart: Upgraded Metal Hinge

The Problem: The variable intake manifold on certain Mercedes-Benzes is made out of plastic. When it breaks, it can lead to a stuck intake manifold flap and a P2006 trouble code.

Our Response: Saving you money on a full replacement, TechSmart’s Variable Intake Manifold Actuator Repair Kit comes with everything you need to replace the failed part instead of the entire assembly, including:

  • Metal hinge
  • Spacer
  • Intake manifold gaskets

 The hinge’s upgraded metal design protects against intake linkage failures. The kit covers more than 1 million VIO.