Turbocharger Actuator

On Ford 6.0L diesel engines, the turbocharger actuator (a.k.a. VGT actuator) controls the flow of exhaust gases through the turbocharger.

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Think TechSmart First: Direct-Fit Replacement

The Problem: When the turbocharger actuator fails, the vanes can stick, causing the vehicle to lose power and generate too much or too little boost pressure. The end result is a damaged turbocharger.

Our Response: TechSmart's Turbocharger Actuator (a.k.a. Variable Geometry Turbocharger (VGT) Control Valve) is a direct-fit replacement for the damaged OE part, so you get a part that fits and functions like the original. It has applications for Ford trucks and covers more than 800,000 VIO.