Throttle Position Sensor Repair Kits

The throttle position sensor monitors a vehicle's throttle position.

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Replace the Sensor, Not the Throttle Body

The Problem: On certain Honda and Acura applications, the throttle position sensor cannot be serviced separately through the dealer. Instead, the entire throttle body assembly needs to be replaced, which is an expensive, time-consuming job. 

Our Response: To provide an alternative for replacing the entire throttle body assembly, TechSmart’s line of Throttle Position Sensor Repair Kits comes complete with everything needed to replace only the failed sensor. Each kit includes the following:

  • OE-Exact Match Throttle Position Sensor
  • Gasket
  • Mounting hardware

When the TPS fails on certain Honda/Acura applications, TechSmart provides a cost-effective alternative to the OE:

Tps Comparison (1)

Plus, TechSmart's Throttle Position Sensors feature high-quality components that ensure precise operation and maintain specific outputs to match OE. 

When you add everything up, TechSmart's Throttle Position Sensor Repair Kit is yet another example of a problem-solving product that helps professional technicians in the bay without sacrificing OE-matching quality.