Thermostat Housing Assemblies

On most vehicles, the thermostat housing assembly contains a coolant temperature sensor and a thermostat. The assembly monitors the vehicle's cooling system and prolongs engine life. 

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What Sets Us Apart: Upgraded Aluminum Design

The Problem: The OE thermostat housing assemblies on modern cooling systems are flawed. Their thermostats can stick, their coolant temperature sensors can break, and their plastic housings can crack. When one of those errors occurs on a BMW, it can cause improper cooling that damages vital engine parts. 

Our Response: Your best defense against repeat failures is TechSmart’s Thermostat Housing Assembly, available for Audis and BMWs. Each one is made from aluminum, not plastic, to prevent cracks and leaks. Even better, TechSmart's line of Thermostat Housing Assemblies come with a coolant-level sensor, a thermostat, and a gasket for direct-fit replacement, which is something the competition doesn’t offer. We also offer our Oil Cooler Thermostat separately.