Headlight Level Sensors

The headlight level sensor keeps headlight beams pointing straight ahead. 

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Classification: Problem Solver

The Problem: Failed headlight level sensors on certain BMW and Mercedes-Benz models can cause the beams to point too high or low, creating dangerous driving conditions for your customers and other drivers.

Our Response: As direct replacements for the failed OE sensors, TechSmart’s Headlight Level Sensors work with the vehicle’s self-leveling headlight system to adjust the beams to the appropriate height. Once installed, the sensors can even compensate for headlights that have shifted because of a loaded trunk.

 Head Light Diagram 2

TechSmart’s line of sensors covers more than 5 million VIO. To provide even more coverage, TechSmart also offers a line of HID Headlight Ballasts

TechSmart Tip: To prevent broken linkage, check the mounting bracket for excess corrosion and rust. If you notice any, clean it off with rust penetrant.