Electronic Throttle Bodies

Located in the air intake system, the electronic throttle body controls the amount of air flow in the engine as the driver steps on and off the accelerator pedal.

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Think TechSmart First: 100% New, Never Remanufactured

The Problem: Electronic throttle bodies have high failure rates. When the original fails, it can affect a vehicle's power, fuel economy, and drivability. 

Our Response: Meeting the demand for high-quality replacements, TechSmart's line of Electronic Throttle Bodies includes more than 165 direct-replacement units covering over 87 million vehicles on the road. To ensure quality and reliability, each unit is 100% new, never remanufactured, so you won’t encounter comebacks due to worn items in a partial rebuild. 

Superior Testing, Extensive Coverage

TechSmart's Electronic Throttle Bodies undergo extensive in-house testing at SMP’s engineering department in Long Island City, NY. There, our engineers look at flow tests and make sure each unit meets our high performance standards. The result is a high-quality replacement with coverage for an array of domestic and import vehicles, including but not limited to Audi/VW, BMW, Ford, Toyota, and GM.