ABS Sensor Harness Repair Kits

The anti-lock braking system (ABS) helps prevent vehicles from skidding when the brake is pressed. The system's speed sensors monitor each wheel to make sure they don't lock up. 

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Classification: Complete Kit

The Problem: Due to their exposed location below the undercarriage, OE speed sensor harnesses wiring can fray or break. When that happens, the ABS and traction control warning lights may illuminate, leading to an unncessary replacement of the complete ABS sensor and hub assembly.

Our Response: Saving you time on a full replacement, TechSmart's ABS Sensor Harness Repair Kits allow you repair only the damaged harness. Plus, the OE-style connectors on TechSmart's harnesses ensure a direct fit. With applications for many popular GM vehicles, the kits cover more than 10 million VIO.