6 Tips to Remember When Repairing HID Lighting Systems

To help you with your HID lighting system repairs, we asked the ASE-certified technicians from our award-winning training department for some tips on HID lighting system repairs. Here's what they recommend:

1. If the headlight assembly shows any sign of damage (water or dirt intrusion), make sure the entire assembly is replaced prior to replacing the ballast.

2. When servicing an HID system, make sure the Headlight Level Sensors are working properly. They are essential to proper performance of an HID lighting system.

3. If the vehicle has been in a collision or the ballast is burned out, ensure that proper voltages and grounds are present at the new ballast. Low voltage or a weak ground will damage the new unit.

4. Use caution not to touch the HID bulb. Due to the high operating temperature of the bulb, oil from your fingers can cause damage. If you’ve touched it, use rubbing alcohol to remove the oil from the bulb

5. In many cases, if the bulb is burned out, the ballast may be damaged, too.

6. Proper input and output testing should be performed prior to quoting the job to the customer.